The USA Law of Theft

What is Theft?

In accordance to the law, theft is defined as the act of removing an object from its physical position without seeking the knowledge of the owner and with the intention to take permanent ownership from the owner. Theft can take the form of money, services and assets, and it is actionable within three levels of government; federal, local and state.Colorado Springs – Steven T. Rodemer, LLC. The formulations of the theft statutes take cognizance of the values of property taken by the defendant, and the penalties thereafter are assigned on the basis of the property value. Any penalty that the courts award to the defendant would be alongside the orders to the defendant to make restitution to the plaintiffs by repaying the victims for their losses.

Categories of Theft

The USA law recognizes theft in a number of instances. Any theft of property that is valued at $1000 is treated as a misdemeanor. Such offences are termed as petite larceny. Theft that involves a property that has a value of more than $1000 is a much bigger offence termed as grand larceny. Grand larceny is tried in a court of law as a felony. Apart from property value, theft can also be categorized based on the type of property in question as well as the means that the perpetrator used to acquire the property.

In most case, theft crimes occur by use of force or threatening to use force. Example of such is robbery. In some cases identifying robbery might not be a big deal since a bank heist, mugging and carjacking are all classified as robbery. However, sometimes petty theft can escalate to robbery charges. For example, if you shoplift from a store then, you get caught by the security guard of the store and you escaped, that amounts to robbery.

Other classes of theft come in the form of financial crimes such as insurance fraud, embezzlement and forgery. Such offenses are committed by people in the higher ranks who have access to company resources. The perpetrators of financial crimes use other methods other than use of force to commit a crime. Some of the largest crimes that have been recorded in the history of theft fall under the financial crimes. The remedy for theft can consist of jail term, fines, probation all depending on the type of theft, property value and method of acquisition of the property.



What Is USA Law For Murder?

The USA, like all or at least most of the world, there is a law stating what the price for every crime. The crimes are mostly in two categories that are serious crimes whose penalty is not less than ten years in prison and less serious crimes whose penalty is a maximum of ten years in prison. Each state in the USA has their own law on murder but it has one single basis which equalizes it. If a person commits murder in one state, the punishment may be different from another person in another state although they both have committed the same offence. There has been a debatable part of the law which says the only legalized murder is abortion, which several religions have stood to challenge.

The USA murder law is again divided into three parts which are; homicide which is murder where the criminal just decides to do it for personal or known reasons. Then there is man slaughter which is less than murder, meaning that the criminal was ion defence from the victim. And then there is justifiable homicide which is not a crime at all. Among the three, which are murder undertakings, the first is the most serious and punishable without excuse.

On the other hand, the USA murder law divides murder in to degrees which are; first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. First degree murder is a murder that has been premeditated and planned. This is proven by law after all possible elements are gotten about both the criminal and the victim. Second degree murder is a murder that is premeditated but according to fact, done emotionally or triggered by something. In this case the criminal calculates their moves to kill the victim but not without a point of force. Voluntary manslaughter is murder that is more or less the second degree murder but the difference is this kind leaves the criminal emotionally affected. Mostly the person killing is pushed emotionally to do it but they highly regret after and the punishment is less. Involuntary murder is unintentional murder mostly accidents, negligence or carelessness.